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Yoga with Wanda

ryt 500, IYTA

South Okanagan Yoga Academy

Man oh man, Yogaaaah is the best! I love to share this healing practice with people as it changed the direction of my life quite some time ago.

I've had many great teachers and students share their wisdom with me throughout the years and I am grateful to all on my path and those yet to come. I am a classically trained and internationally recognized yoga teacher & teacher trainer with an extensive therapeutic training background. I believe in being gentle with ourselves and honoring where we're at to build a solid base so we are never in pain and we always move and feel well. I currently teach part-time in Alberta, Canada. I look forward to sharing practice with you one day.

Warmly, Wanda

Carpe Diem

Gentle & Yin

A mix of soft classic yoga and longer holds to increase mobility, balance and flexibility while alleviating tension. Meditation, pranayama, chakras, mudras, mantra and bandhas will be introduced in this floor class suitable for all.
Class length 75 mins.

Strength Flow

Build strength and suppleness without building tension and rigidity. Find softness and fluidity in strength. Meditation, pranayama, chakras, mudras, mantra and bandhas will be included in this moderate movement class.
Class length 75 mins.

Restorative Yoga
mini retreat

Specialty retreat where we hold space for deep release and realignment at our core. Extra gentle yoga, meditation and supports for ultimate comfort in this pamper me class. Find greater nervous system tone and hormonal balance throughout. Suitable for all.

Better Back Yin
Mini Retreat

A gentle & slow-paced deeply introspective style of yoga with an integrated back focus. This specialty class uses therapeutic techniques to apply gentle stimulation to the joints and surrounding tissues of the spine to improve flexibility, mobility and reduce tension. You need not be flexible.
Don't be shy, big guys and 1st timers welcome!

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